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Gatsby Wax: Affordable Hair Wax with Great Long Lasting Hold

It started with the bowl cut when I was a kid. Then in high school it was the super spiky hair phase that required what seemed like a quarter bottle of gel each day. Next came the buzz cut and nowadays it’s the modern pompadour. This latest hairdo has me buying some hair product again and I’ve been extremely happy with Gatsby wax.

I first came upon Gatsby hair wax when I was in Taiwan. I remember running out of hair wax when I was there and found myself buying a bottle just to try it out. There were quite a few options but I ended up grabbing a bottle of the Mat Type Styling Wax. It worked wonders! The wax held for the majority of the day and it wasn’t greasy like some other waxes. Since then I realized they have a whole line of products. See the chart below for their full range of waxes suited for all different kinds of hairstyles.

Gatsby Wax Chart

Although there are a lot of choices, they provide good descriptions on which styles and hair type each one is ideal for. If you’re still unsure which one is for you, Gatsby even shot some videos on sample styles for each. Here is the one for Wild Shake Moving Rubber which I have been using.

I’ve tried a couple of different bottles including Spiky Edge, Wild Shake, and Grunge Mat. Depending on which bottle you get, the consistency of the wax may differ slightly. The color of the wax also matches the color of the bottle but when dried it isn’t visible. Another thing about the wax is that it doesn’t have any discernible odor when dried.

Gatsby Wax Wild Shake

In terms of price, Gatsby wax is probably on the low end. On average they sell for $10 a bottle which is on par with some of the brands they sell in convenience stores and pharmacies. Big brands like Axe or Old Spice sell for around the same price. Admittedly I’ve never tried the more expensive brands like Bumble and Bumble so I can’t compare their quality or performance. I got my friend Pete to switch from his Uppercut Featherweight Pliable Paste to Gatsby Wax. He’s saving almost 50% by going with Gatsby and he swears it’s much better to use.

If you’re looking for a great versatile hair wax that just so happens to be really affordable, look no further than Gatsby wax. Apparently Japan agrees, with the brand garnering a whopping 70% market share in Japan in 2014!

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