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What We Bought on Amazon, Jan. 2018: Garmin Watch, Eufy RoboVac, and More

Buys on Amazon

We buy a lot of stuff on Amazon each month. This is a highlight reel of our purchases every month. If you want to generate your own report, check out this post.

Amazon Buys January 2018

Peter’s buys in January 2018

  • 15 orders
  • Amount spent: $344.75
  • Most expensive item:


Item Reason for Purchase
I bought this book to help me improve my presentation skills, especially when using PowerPoint/Keynote decks.
I ordered 4 copies of this for my company. Heard a podcast with the author and was interested to learn more about his negotiation techniques.
I’m a fan of the Business Model Generation Canvas and thought this would be a good addition to my library of strategy/ideation books.
Heard good things about this book on a podcast so I decided to pick it up. I sucked at physics in high school, so it’d be cool to learn some now as an adult.
Had to re-up on dog food for our little Havanese.
Fun book about NBA and its players.
Bought a watch for my Dad, who’s started to do some running.
Got these to help me do some resistance exercises at home.
Needed longer socks for my new basketball shoes
Needed longer socks for my new basketball shoes. These are a bit shorter than the crew ones.
These are my favorite boxer briefs. Got a few more.
Needed an extra exercise shirt. A bit too tight though.
Re-upped on my hair wax. This is a Buys with Friends favorite (see review).

Welton’s buys in January 2018

  • 18 items
  • Amount spent: $646.21
  • Most expensive item: Eufy RoboVac 11+, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – $249.00


Item Reason for Purchase
Wifi plugs compatible with Amazon Echo / Alexa so that I don’t have to turn off the lights in my new apartment
We moved to a new apartment and this mat helps keep our floors clean.
Wireless mouse for computing
Our new apartment has a dimly lit walk-in closet
A friend with a PhD in history recommended the book
Robot vacuum cleaner for our new apartment. Don’t leave wires laying out.
Needed new shoes
Helps Meredith wake up in the morning
It has been cold!
For enjoying tea in the evenings
For eating on the go
Cats poop
For shaving in the shower
Bought a new car and need to have smartphone visible for maps
We have a new apartment with a dimly walk-in closet. So good, we bought it twice in January!
Reading this book for research, recommended based on Kara Swisher’s interview with the author, Andrew Keen, on Recode Decode
Reading this book for pleasure, based on NPR interview
Reading this book for research

Wook’s buys in January 2018

  • 8 items
  • Amount spent: $111.92
  • Most expensive item: Duck Brand Stretch Wrap With Handle, 20 Inch x 1000 Feet, Clear, Single Roll – $19.68


Item Reason for Purchase
Dish foam for packing all glassware for a move
Off-brand but high quality packing tape for a move
Got two rolls of plastic wrap to protect furniture during a move
Mattress bag to transport a mattress during a move
A simple dispenser to make it easier to work with packing tape
Replaced the worn out plastic feet on my sofa
Bought furniture felt pads to protect the new apartment floors
Picture hanging kit for the new apartment

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