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An epic review of the BauBax Jacket, one of the most backed (and delayed) Kickstarter projects ever

Well, I finally received my BauBax Jacket. I purchased two BauBax Sweatshirts in July 2015 for $229 total and received them about three weeks ago. I waited an extra six months beyond the advertised estimated delivery date which is likely better than many other backers who have yet to receive their jacket or only just now received it. The delays started generating news stories in late December and backers have grown increasingly frustrated, likely caused by hearing news about two other highly backed projects that ran into problems, the Zano Drone and the Coolest Cooler.

I wore my BauBax jacket for three weeks straight to get a good idea of how it would hold up to the intensity of travel and also to test the usefulness of the fifteen much touted features. During the test period, the temperature ranged from 45-80 degrees F. On the 80 degree day, the sweatshirt was very uncomfortable (great for outdoor wear in 45-65 degree weather). So how did the rest of my experience go? Read on to find out!

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The Three Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers: Packing Cubes, a Travel Charger, and the new Baubax Jacket


Traveling. Sometimes you have to do it for work. Sometimes you’re doing it for vacation and relaxation. Thinking about where you’re going can be enjoyable. Once you arrive at your destination, the fun can begin! But all the stuff in between involving the process of traveling, dealing with security, lines, etc. — that can be a real headache. Any little bit of respite helps.We wrote about great earphones previously– another highly recommended item for the traveler in your life! Canceling noise helps you block out the unwanted intrusions into your personal space. Here are our other top picks for gifts for frequent travelers, something you can get the road warrior in your life this holiday season to make their lives a little bit easier: packing cubes, a travel charger, and this snazzy travel jacket.

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