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What We Bought on Amazon, Feb – May 2018: Books, Toilet Paper, and a Laptop

Our On-going Series on Stuff Bought on Amazon

We buy a lot of stuff on Amazon each month. This is a highlight reel of our purchases. If you want to generate your own report, check out this post.

Peter’s buys Feb thru May 2018 (3 months)

  • 21 items
  • Amount spent: $1,731.08
  • Most expensive item:


Item Reason for Purchase
My go-to for toilet paper
I use a good amount of paper towels, not a very environmentally-friendly habit.
Big mistake, I bought a scented box of trash bags which smells really strong.
My little dog needs to eat! This is his dry food.
I call this my dog’s “weekend cigar” and he chomps on it all morning and lets us sleep longer.
Office purchase, a set of stools for our new Garden area.
One of our employees insists on using a PC and his personal one broke down, so got him a cheap one off Amazon. Cheaper than the Macbooks we lease from Apple.
Ordered another set of stools for the Garden since we needed a total of 6, 2 are floaters.
We made a counter table in the Garden out of a piece of wood and some metal legs; this is to stain and coat the wood.
Mind-blowing book on systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, and lots of other goodies.
Got some nice-looking coasters for the table in the Garden.
Wet food for my little dog.
I actually couldn’t find the other box I had bought a few weeks earlier so I bought another one.
Bought a book as a gift for an employee. Good read on the greatest sports teams and the concept of a “captain” who elevated these teams to greatness.
Re-up on the wet food for my little dog.
Decided to get a couple of umbrellas for me and wife after reading this glowing review; promptly lost one, so I just have one for me.
Ordered a set of these books for people joining our Growth Marketing team.
Re-up on my toilet paper stash.
Allergy season means stocking up on Kleenex
Bought a book for our copywriter.
Bought paperback versions of this book to share with my biz partners. A must-read book for anyone that runs a professional services firm.

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